Billing (0)

How to manage your billings and invoices with us

Content Management System (0)

Knowledgebase related to CMS (Content Management Systems)

Domain Names (0)

All you need to know about domain names

eStore (0)

Answers to Questions Arising from the use of the SkyTechNG eStore

FTP (0)

Tips on how to use your FTP client effectively to manage your site

General & Support (0)

General Support

Hacks (0)

Troubleshooting Hacked Websites

Hosting and cPanel (0)

How to access and work with your hosting account and control panel (cPanel)

LVE (CloudLinux) (0)

This category includes articles about CloudLinux OS and LVE technology we use on our shared

Miscellaneous (0)

Miscellaneous useful information

New Account (0)

Information for new account holders

Reseller Hosting (0)

How to manage your reseller hosting

Security (0)

Security & SSL

SMS (0)

Questions related to Bulk SMS Services

Softaculous (0)

Tips on how to use the Softaculous to install scripts

Webmail (0)

Tips, tricks and articles to help you get the best out of your website's email system.

WhoisGuard (0)

Everything you wanted to know about our WhoisGuard privacy protection service

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